Dynamic Web-Sites

A dynamic web site is required for content such as online databases, e-business, collaborative content, membership, private areas, knowledge base, a resume/jobs database, etc.

Dynamic websites empower their owners with the ability to upload information on their own, preferably through password protected administrative interfaces. One does not require knowledge about HTML or websites design to update or maintain such a site.
A dynamic website is the most effective solution for sites with content requiring frequent updates and/or interaction with the visitors.
If you were renting a small villa on a beach in Cyprus and you simply needed to show a few pictures, provide rates and contact information or if you were a real estate broker in a competitive market and you needed to update your listings frequently, a dynamic website would be your solution. You get full control of look, feel and functionality of the web-site.

On a dynamic web-site, we can add the following for you:

• A customised design
• Own logo
• Own colours
• Own animation
• Own slogan
• The navigation links menu

We give you the control via a back-end interface to:

• Add or change content such as text and pictures whenever you want
• Add or remove products that you might be selling, properties, cars etc…
• Administration control for password changing.
• We can give you control to change almost anything on your website.

Here is what you get:

• Your own domain name www.yourname.com
• Unlimited on-line hosting disk space
• Up to 1000 e-mail POP3 accounts
• Unlimited e-mail forwarders
• Catch-all default email account
• Submission to over 7,000 search engines
• Back-end Database
• Own interface to change content
• Traffic Statistics