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Enigma Advertising & Design Agency in Paphos, Cyprus, graphic design, web design, printing
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Our Strategy is to maximize your power

We are a dynamic web design department, offering a range of tailored solutions, including website design, web development and dynamic web development. Our aim is to promote your company and help you expand your business.

More than just web design, Enigma Advertising & Design combines creativity and technical expertise to help you harness the power of today’s technology and market yourself more effectively.

Your Marketing Tool to the Outside World

Enigma Advertising & Design knows about web designing. We know that most web sales are lost because visitors can't easily find information. We understand that successful website design combines accessible and interesting content with intuitive navigation, attractive design and a series of strong 'calls to action'.

The web pages we design are effective as well as attractive, enhancing the image you present to the outside world.

Visitors to your website will find the information you want them to get quickly and easily, thereby maximising your sales potential.

A website to suit you

Today, web technology is the tool in helping your businesses to succeed and expand as never before.

We develop websites to meet all standards and requirements for all types of industries, from static pages to more advanced and sophisticated dynamic pages.

We combine web design and web development skills to create interactive solutions that integrate with your back end databases. Using industry standard technologies, we deliver robust and scaleable applications.

We offer a variety of packages to meet all your needs.

Standard Static Web-Sites Click here to see our standard static web-sites
Standard Flash Animated Web-Sites
Customized Websites
Customized Flash Animated Websites
Dynamic Websites

›web packages

Click on the package type link below for more information.

Price ₤450 ₤650 From ₤700 From ₤1,200 From ₤2,500
Number of pages *up to 10 *up to 10 unlimited unlimited unlimited
What you get          
* Own domain
* Unlimited Hosting space
Unlimited e-mail
Navigation menu
Own design    
Own colours    
* Interface        
Search engine friendly    
Submission to search engines
* Traffic statistics        

Please see the attached web design packages for more information.

* Interface allows the user to change the content of the website via a login.

* Domain and hosting are free for the first year, there after a package maintenance contract will be

* Traffic statistics offered free for the first year, there after an option to renew will be offered.

* Additional pages on the static template and flash animated templates are charged at an extra
30 CYP each.

For additional hosting services, please see the maintenance contract information.

To find out more about our web development services, please contact us today.

As well as web-design and development, we offer many other services to our clients.


We can host your web-site on one of the world's best hosting company based in the UK at a competitive cost. Using our dedicated server, we can host unlimited space for each of our clients at no extra cost.

Our hosting services can also provide you with the following additional services

  • Direct control of email accounts and the creation of your own unlimited email accounts
  • Monthly search engine positions report.
  • Periodical statistical reports of the traffic and number of hits on each web page (countries and cities).
  • Anti-Spam email filtering for each individual account.
  • Databases for dynamic websites.
  • Advanced email boxes that allow 100MB space, spam and virus protection, as well as individual mailbox control panels.
›Web-Site upgrades

Websites need to be upgraded from time to time to keep up with the continuous and rapid changes in the world of internet advertising.

We offer special prices to our existing customers for upgrading their websites. This entails a redesign of the layout, changes to images, colors, pictures and text, If you do not wish a complete overhaul of your website, we can change only certain aspects.

›Domain name registration

We can register on your behalf as many domain names as you would like pointing to the same website. We would not only register them but also administer your domains during the time of renewal.

›Web-Site maintenance contracts

We can offer you a yearly maintenance contract on your websites to best suit your needs from a very basic BRONZE contract to a more advanced GOLD one for more dynamic sites.

Please see the attached web hosting for more information.

›Monthly search engine position reports

These reports will help you track how highly your site is positioned on major search engines around the world.

Although this is part of a free service that clients receive with a choice of a SILVER or GOLD maintenance contract, we can offer this as part of the service no matter what type of maintenance contract you have chosen.

›web-site optimization services

Since 90% of Internet surfers use search engines such as Google and Yahoo to locate specific products and services, it is essential that your website is correctly optimised for search engine spiders to recognize it.

Search engine optimization is a set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings. We can take your existing web-site, optimize and change it accordingly to help improve your positions within the search engines.